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This year’s conference will be held at Utah Valley University’s main campus in Orem. Located 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, Orem is located between the Wasatch Mountain range and Utah Lake.  iDMAa is pleased to host its twelfth national conference there on November 5-7, 2014.

You can participate three ways:

1. Call for Papers and Projects:

Submit papers for creative research that demonstrate the convergence of different disciplines, media, cultures, and technologies. The conference schedule will contain several programming tracks that expand on the conference theme in the areas of art and design, education, narrative, and media practices. See more on conference theme, preferred topics, submission requirements and deadlines.

2. Call for Art: iDEAS Exhibit

The iDEAS exhibition showcases digital art work represented as interactive pieces, animation, video, imagery, virtual spaces, sound, sculpture and hybrid media. Any piece using digital innovation to communicate an aesthetic idea is welcome. Details on preferred formats, submission requirements and deadlines.

3. Student Showcase

The iDMAa Student Showcase is a great opportunity for programs to recognize students who are pushing the boundaries of digital art and design, and is open to all academic programs focusing on digital media instruction. All submitted work will be exhibited at the Student Showcase during the conference.  See information on showcase specifications and exhibition fees.