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New Speakers Announced: FastForward 2012 was held on November 8-10 in Miami, Florida. As an organization focused on collegial collaboration – celebrating the best practices within educational institutions and private enterprise, we believe that FastForward 2012 was the most stimulating and productive gathering we have hosted as we looked ahead to the future of media, culture and arts education.

FastForward 2012 was hosted by The New World School of the Arts – a hybrid campus part of the University of Florida and Miami/Dade College. The NWSA campus was located in downtown Miami offering plenty of attractions that are within a short walk or one can explore the area via the free MetroMover monorail. The Hyatt Regency Miami – our primary hotel – was within a few blocks and optional lodging was available in the same area.

In looking toward the trends and issues of the next ten years as a starting point, we are very pleased to announce our keynote presenters.


Frederick & Laurie Samitaur Smith

Frederick & Laurie Samitaur Smith, Owners and Founders of Samitaur Constructs Since the mid-1980’s Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith have been developing the Conjunctive Points urban redevelopment project in Los Angeles and Culver City, California. Internationally recognized as a unique urban experiment in the fusion of art, architecture, and technology, Conjunctive Points has received numerous awards and extensive worldwide press coverage. Over the years, Samitaur has attracted a prestigious tenant roster that includes Nike, Ogilvy, Sony Pictures, WPP, Aegis Media, Delta Apparel and Red Bull, among many others. Through their company, Samitaur Constructs, the Smiths have fostered an economic and cultural renaissance in what was once a defunct industrial tract.


Evan Hirsch

Evan Hirsch, Founder, Engine Co. 4: Evan Hirsch founded Engine Co. 4 to provide entertainment clients with strategic creative direction on developing immersive multi-platform user experiences. Some recent clients of Engine Co 4. include PopCap Games, Ubisoft, ngmoco and The Walt Disney Company. Previously Hirsch was the Creative Director for the launch of Microsoft ‘s Surface and Live Labs incubation unit. Hirsch has held roles in Visual Effects and Feature Animation in London and was Head of Visual Development for Electronic Arts’ Worldwide Studios.


Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell, Cinematics Director, Epic Games Studio: Greg is the Cinematics Director for Epic and has worked on bestselling and award-winning game titles such as Unreal Tournament 3, Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade, Bulletstorm, and the entire Gears of War Trilogy. Today, “lights, camera, action” aren’t exactly what he says when directing cinematic actors on motion capture stage, but in principle it’s relatively the same. Best of all, Greg’s childhood pastimes have come together in this ever-changing world of video games and transmedia.

DavidGallo 1

David Gallo

David Gallo, Ph.D., Director of Special Projects for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, will open the Summit on Thursday afternoon. Dr. Gallo is one of the foremost explorers of our Earth’s oceans. Dr. Gallo was co-director of the Titanic expeditions and most recently led the search to find the flight recorder from the infamous Air France jetliner in the South Atlantic Ocean. A TED Fellow whose presentations constantly rank on the top of most viewed TED Talks, Dr. Gallo will be speaking on the role exploration plays in our quest for knowledge and improvement.

Meredith Amdur

Meredith Amdur

Meredith Amdur, General Manger of Online Services for Microsoft, will continue our theme of exploration of knowledge. Ms. Amdur is responsible for Microsoft’s online search efforts including Bing! In our modern world – the ability to do research online has become more arduous with the proliferation of resources connected via the Web. Ms. Amdur will share some of the approaches that are being investigated by Microsoft and look to you – as participants – to help define how we can best acquire new and exciting facts.


Richard Hilleman

Richard Hilleman, Chief Creative Officer of Electronic Arts, performs many roles for one of the most recognized pillars of interactive entertainment. Richard’s history of game development is legendary, but like many of you, perhaps his most important contributions have come through his development of talent within EA’s studios. Richard has been responsible for the development of EA’s internal masters programs on game design and development. Richard will be speaking to the future of interactive entertainment and how the medium’s evolution requires skills that are outside of the way games are taught today. Richard’s talk will provoke much conversation – something that he will happily be willing to listen and absorb.

No IDMAA Summit would be complete without the IDEAS art exhibition and Student Showcase. IDEAS will be in a formal gallery within the NWSA and a special interactive gallery is being created just for the Student Showcase.

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iDMAa 2012 | Conference Agenda
New World School of the Arts | Miami, Florida
Thursday November 8, 2012

10:00 am
Conference registration, New World School of the Arts, 8th Floor Lobby

12:00 pm
Light buffet sandwich luncheon, NWSA Performance Theater, 8th Floor (Studio A)

12:30 pm
Conference Opening Remarks – NWSA Performance Theater, 8th Floor (Studio A)

12:45 pm
“Inspiration, Education & Exploration”
David Gallo, PhD, Director of Special Projects, The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Introduction by Joseph Olin – NWSA Performance Theater, 8th Floor (Studio A)

1:45 pm
“Everything I learned about Making Movies in Games came from TV”
Greg Mitchell, Cinematics Director, Epic Games Studio
NWSA Performance Theater, 8th Floor (Studio A)

2:30 pm

2:45 pm
“Architecture and Arts for the Future: The ArtTower”
Frederick & Laurie Samitaur-Smith, Samitaur Constructs
NWSA Performance Theater 8th Floor (Studio A)

3:30 pm
Mini Break

3:45 pm
Papers and Special Topics: Art & Media, NWSA Performance Theater 8th Floor (Studio A)

Jeff Nyhoff & Brenda Bakker Harger: “Computer Games as Theatre: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Student Game Design”

Yana Sakellion: “Structures Spontaneity: Responsive Art Meets Classical Music”

John Barber: “Radio Nouspace: An Evolving Digital Media Project Exploring Digital Multimedia Radio”

Matthew Nelson & James Ferolo: “The Image Pool: A Large-Scale Visual Installation”

5:30 pm
iDEAS Art Opening with wine and lite bites 
NWSA Lobby Gallery

Student Showcase in parallel with the iDEAS exhibit. See student work in Digital Art and Design, Digital Media Research and Game Design

8:00 pm
Hosted “Join Us for Dutch Dinners” with Board and Advisory Board hosts at locations throughout Miami which are an easy walk from the NWSA Campus and Conference Hotel (maps, price ranges and co-hosts names to be provided at iDEAS opening.)



Friday, November 9, 2012

9:15 am
Conference housekeeping announcements
NWSA 8th Floor, Studio A

9:30 am
Keynote – “Searching for Innovation”
Meredith Amdur, General Manager, Strategy/M&A, Microsoft
NWSA 8th Floor, Studio A

10:15 am
Innovation and Design in Learning and Listening
NWSA 8th Floor, Studio A

“Innovative Programs…finding the balance between Theory and Practice in Education”
Dr. Peter Raad, founder of the GuildHall at SMU

“Design Process – The hard Transition from Classroom to Studio”
Evan Hirsch, Principle, Engine Co. 4; Former Design Head, Microsoft & Creative Chief, THQ Studios

11:15 am

11:30 am
Papers and Special Topics: 21st Century Tools for Teaching
NWSA 8th Floor, Studio A 

Lindsay Grace: “Producing Results with a Student Based Creative Design Studio”

Allen Jones: “Visualizing Invisible Cities: Using the Cave to Teach Postmodern Literature”

Holly Hey: “The Objective Machine and the Subjective Experience: Meshing Methodology and Ideology in Digital Non-Linear Editing”

Michael Rabby: “What Binds Our Programs Together? A Survey of Required Courses in Digital Media Programs”

12:30 pm
Lunch on your own in Downtown Miami

2:00 pm
Keynote: “Changing the Palette in Digital Media”
Richard Hilleman, Chief Creative Officer, Electronic Arts
NWSA 8th Floor, Studio A

2:45 pm
Concurrent Sessions – Audience Evolution
NWSA 8th Floor, Studio A

“The Audience Is Changing – Entertainment Consumption in America”
Liam Callahan, Senior Analyst NPD Research

“Unleashing Artistic Creativity in the Cloud”
Stefano Corazza, Chantel Benson & Brent Jentzsch, Mixamo

3:45 pm
Papers and Special Topics: Novel Interaction
NWSA 7th Floor, Rooms D&E

Mei Si: “Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Creating Rich Interactive Avatars”

Julia Griffey: “Movement-Driven Computer-Based Interactive Educational Media Systems in the Children’s Museum”

Angelos Barmpoutis: “A Novel Augmented Reality Educational System for Classical Drama Using RGB-D Sensors”

Dene Grigar: “Interactive Exhibits and Touch Technology: Assumptions and Theories”

Papers and Special Topics: Social Narrative
NWSA 7th Floor, Rooms D&E

Mary Pettice: “Narrative Playfulness, Secondary Orality, and the Star Wars Fan Film”

Scott Shamp: “Facebook, Feedforward Loops, Permeable Data Sources: The New New Media Content”

Daniel Cooper: “Second-screen Showdowns: Presidential Debates in the Tablet Age”

Robert Fraher, Patricia Frazie, Brad Hokanson, and Christiaan Greer: “Therapeutic Potential of Interactive Digital Media”

5:00 pm
Digital Performance by Daniel Lewis, James Oliverio & guests
New World School of the Arts Performance Theater

7:00 pm
Reception & Awards Dinner:  Hyatt Regency Miami
Dave Ferguson, Awards Committee Chair 
Host with James Oliverio, President-Elect, iDMAa

9:30 pm
Adjourn to Miami



Saturday, November 10, 2012

8:45 am

Coffee and Conference Housekeeping

9:00 am 

iDMAa Town Forum

Moderated Panel and Audience Discussion regarding key issues for IDMAA to address in 2013

9:45 am  

“TransMedia Foundations – where are they?”

Panel moderated by Michael Niederman, Columbia College; Jeff Ritchie, Lebanon Valley College; Scott Shamp, University of Georgia; Greg Mitchell, Cinematics Director, Epic Games Studio

10:30 am 

Papers and Special Topics: Social Responsibility


Benjamin Dunkle: “Timeline: A User-focused, Community-based System for Preserving and Presenting Historical Data”

Lisa Dush: “Teaching Nonprofit and Public Sector Organizations to Make Artful, Ethical, and Sustainable New Media”

Tracy Taylor, Caitlyn Pickens & Tzi-Ching Lin: “Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all one): Integrating Art, Animation and Computer Programming Curriculum to Improve Native American Public School Retention Rates”

Jonathan Olshefski: “Viral Media Activism – Analyzing Kony 2012 and Honor the Treaties”

11:30 am  

The Arts & IDEAS

Moderated Panel featuring Rodayne Esmay, Utah Valley University  – Curator IDEAS Exhibition and 3 IDEAS artists

12:30 pm  

Closing Remarks & Open Forum


1:15 pm 

Encore Performance

Digital Performance by Daniel Lewis, James Oliverio & guests

New World School of the Arts Performance Theater

2:00 pm  

Programming for New World Students (Tentative)

2:00–3:00 pm “How Mixamo Lets You Create Animation in the Cloud” Chantel Benson & Brent Jentzsh

3:00–4:00 pm Careers in Game Production Greg Mitchell, Cinematics Director for Epic Games and Evan Hirsch, Creative Director Engine Company No.4


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New World School of the Arts

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